Online Shopping and Home Improvement

The age of online shopping has affected how almost every industry sells their products. But as we grow used to shopping online there are some products we should think twice about before purchasing through the internet. Especially big ticket items. Like many other industries, cabinetry is not exempt from this growth in online retailers.

Online Cabinet Retailers

There are several online based companies currently designing and selling cabinetry. These companies will work with you to design your project and then ship the cabinets to your home. Online retailers reduce cost by eliminating the need for a physical showroom space and having a larger client base. This allows them to sell their product at a lower price than most traditional cabinetry dealers. This cut in costs attracts many people who want to redo their kitchen or bath. It allows people with small budgets to do larger projects. However there are some downsides to ordering cabinetry online.

While the online design services can be extremely convenient they require you to do all of the measuring yourself. This can lead to errors in measurements that cause problems down the road. When working with a local designer they will take the measurements to ensure everything will fit right the first time around.

Additionally when working with a local designer they can handle ordering any necessary replacement parts for you. When purchasing online it will be your responsibility to request and facilitate the replacement of any pieces that arrive damaged or incorrect. Another great advantage to using a local designer is seeing samples in person to ensure the color will work with your accents. When purchasing online you may not get a true feel for what the product will be like in person. For a big project like redoing your kitchen it’s important to make sure you like your selections and that they work well together.

Benefits of Using a Local Cabinetry Designer

An advantage to working with a local designer is that they are able to look at the project in person. This allows them to design a space that works well with the entirety of your house. They will also help facilitate any changes to existing plumbing, electrical, and walls in such a way that maximizes the functionality of your kitchen or bath. They can facilitate the various subcontractors that are necessary to complete a project well so you don’t have to take on the hassle yourself. A local company will also be able to provide an installer for the cabinetry. When ordering cabinets online you will either have to find an installer or install them yourself. For cabinets to be installed best it takes a skilled carpenter which can be difficult to find. Working with a local company ensures you will have someone skilled to install the cabinets.

Another concern that the USA is currently combating is how tax codes apply to online retailers who ship to multiple states. Many companies have not been paying state taxes when shipping to states that they are not based in. This allows the companies to sell their product at an even more reduced rate. The lower price tag draws many people in but it hurts local businesses who can’t compete price wise when they still have the follow all of the rules. As with any industry the best way to support your local economy is to shop local! You will get more personalized service and help keep you community thriving! Happy Renovating!