Lights, Camera, Relax!

One important aspect of remodeling a bathroom is what type of lighting you use. Many people get ready in their bathrooms. When choosing an outfit or applying makeup lighting has a major impact on how things look. Lighting also affects the overall feel of the room. If your lighting is too harsh or lacking in general your bathroom will be a less relaxing space. While we can’t all afford the steam rooms and heated floors that would make our bathrooms truly spa like we can add some better lighting! Today we will discuss some of the cool ways people are lighting their bathrooms these days.


One of the best ways to add light to a bathroom is with a window! There are many different window treatments available these days to create frosted glass if privacy is a concern. You can purchase windows that are pretreated to be frosted or harder to see through. You can also buy materials such as spray or sheets of plastic that give your preexisting windows the appearance of frosted glass. Natural light is a great way to brighten up a bathroom. Plus everyone looks better in natural lighting!

Pendant and vanity Lighting

If you can’t have windows in your bathroom there are many other options to add some light. The days of big box florescent lights above the bathroom sink are mostly behind us. Many people are choosing to light their vanities with light strips or pendant lighting. These are both excellent options as they create plenty of light and give you an opportunity to let your personal taste shine. Pendant lights come in a wide variety of styles, from simple bulbs on wires to blown glass pieces that could qualify as works of art. Vanity light strips also have a fairly wide selection, coming in different numbers of bulbs and finishes. Some mirrors are even coming with lights built into them. This can be in the traditional Hollywood makeup vanity look or something more simple, built directly into the mirror itself.

Another style that is popular is to attach lights to the mirror itself. This is a great way to have enough light were you need it at the vanity if your mirror is large. If you don’t want pendant lights, or lights attached to the walls or mirror, recessed lighting is the way to go. These lights are built into the ceiling and allow for ample lighting through the entirety of the bathroom. Adding one or two of these to the ceiling over the shower is great because it allows you to see while you are bathing.

Light Bulbs

The other factor when it comes to lighting is what type of bulb you use in your lights. Fluorescents can be a little harsh but provide a lot of light. A lot of people are moving towards LED lighting as it provides lots of light with minimal heat and minimal use of electricity. LED lights are also more readily available in warmer colors rather than the typical blue white shade of earlier LEDs. They come in more yellow warm tones now that provide plenty of light without being too harsh. You can even purchase LED lights that change colors with the use of a remote or switch. Some light fixtures even have hidden built in speakers so you can play your music while you get ready or relax in the tub!

Light is an important part of any space. It plays a large role in setting the mood. Why not chose lighting that complements the mood you’re trying to achieve? Choose the lightning that makes you feel at home in your bathroom. Happy Renovating!