Finding Your Perfect Color

Selecting colors is an important step in the design process. You want to select something that suits your personal taste and makes you happy. However most people also need to consider resale value. For those of you who are open to experimenting with color there are many fun options to choose from these days. If you are more interested in a design that will remain timeless there are colors for you as well!

Timeless Choices

Classical Kitchen

One color that will always be popular for kitchens is white. Not everyone loves white for their own kitchen but when considering resale value a white kitchen is not likely to lose you a sale. More recently grey has become a popular color for kitchens. These colors are also popular for bathrooms. Not everyone enjoys the look of stained wood but white and grey painted cabinets seem to be here to stay.  Another color that has been popular for a long time, particularly in accents, is blue. It’s an excellent way to add color to your space and almost everyone likes blue. If cleanliness is a concern blue or grey cabinets may be a good choice for your space. White cabinets, especially in kitchens, require fairly frequent cleaning. This is because they will show any dirt or spatters that get on them.

Add Some Contrast

A popular way of adding some contrast to a kitchen is by using a different color on the island cabinets. We have done this in many homes. One that stands out was a blue island in a kitchen that tied in with other blue accents in the perimeter. If your kitchen doesn’t have an island you can still join the two tone trend. Many people are introducing two colors into their kitchen space by having lower cabinets in one color and uppers in another. Typically the lower cabinets are in a darker color and the uppers in a lighter, complimentary color. This can be a great way to incorporate some color if your kitchen is smaller to begin with.

Spice Things Up!

If you like to be daring and make a space your own, darker blues and greens are also popular for kitchens. Jewel tones in general have seen a rise in popularity recently. Choosing cabinets that are more colorful can be an excellent way to make your space unique. These days many higher end cabinetry lines will do custom color matches. KraftMaid has a program that allows you to pick any color from paint stores such as Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore for your cabinets. If you enjoy colorful spaces, this is an excellent way to incorporate your favorite colors into your home.

Kitchen Backsplash

If you want to incorporate some fun colors into your kitchen backsplashes are a great place to get creative. While cabinets and counters are some of the more expensive items in a kitchen to replace, potential buyers could replace your colorful backsplash fairly inexpensively if it doesn’t suit their taste. You can also add open shelving or cabinets with glass doors to you kitchen. These areas can be used to  display colorful pieces without permanently affecting the kitchen. Plus if you want to change your color scheme all you have to do is switch out which pieces you have on display!

Some consideration to popular colors and styles can be important. But the most important factor is selecting colors and styles that make you happy. The space is yours to live in! Choosing things that you truly like will make you much happier with your new kitchen or bath in the long run. Happy Renovating!