Designing With Pets in Mind

If you have pets you know that between their food, toys, and other paraphernalia you have a lot to store. From keeping food out of reach to hiding the litter box sometimes you need a little help to keep your house a little less cluttered. Why not take Fluffy and Fido into consideration when designing your new kitchen or bath!

Hiding Food

If you’ve ever come home to find the food bag torn apart or cat nip scattered everywhere you know why it’s important to put food and treats out of your mischievous friend’s reach. A great way to keep your pets out of the kibble is to transfer it from the bag to an air tight container. This will keep their food fresh while also allowing you to securely lock it away. These containers can take up a lot of space so designating a space for them is important.

When designing your kitchen designate a feeding area next to a cabinet where you can keep their food. You can add roll out trays to your cabinet so you don’t even have to lift the container! Any treats can go in this cabinet with their food as well. Most role out trays can hold up to 90lbs but they can be upgraded to hold 150lbs. Since some animals get nervous while eating it’s best to place it in a part of the kitchen with less foot traffic.

Litter Box Placement

If you have a cat you know the struggle of trying to find somewhere to put the litter box. It needs to be easy to access for cleaning purposes. However you don’t want it to be the first thing any guests you have are confronted with. Where ever you put the litter box make sure it is far away from your cat’s food. You wouldn’t want to eat next to your toilet and neither does your cat. As bathrooms are typically tiled they can make a great place to put the litter box. You can design your vanity to have an opening at the bottom where a litter box can be placed with enough space for the cat to stand. If you don’t want the litter box in your bathroom you can have a similar setup in a laundry room! Where ever you choose to place it just keep in mind that it’s easier to sweep up stray litter if the box isn’t on carpet.

Hidden Litter

Some people like the idea of putting the litter box inside a cabinet with a little opening for the cat to slip in and out. This does hide the box but some cats will not like it. Cats in general like their litter box to be placed somewhere with multiple escape roots. This helps them feel more comfortable while they are taking care of business. They also like to be able to see what they are doing in their litter box. If you really like the idea of putting the box inside a cabinet then choose a cabinet with an exposed side. This way you can cut two holes to allow them to exit in two different directions. This will also increase the amount of light in the cabinet which kitty will appreciate. It is important your cat feels comfortable using their litter box or they may just choose to use your favorite rug instead.

Our furry companions add so much joy to our lives. Why not make them happy and your home more organized at the same time! Happy Renovating!