5 Simple Ways to Organize your Kitchen

It seems like everyone is organizing every room in the house these days. Feeling overwhelmed on where to begin? We’re here to help when it comes to customizing a kitchen to fit your organizational and storage needs. If you’re looking for an easy fix right now, we’ve come up with 5 ways to organize your kitchen.

1. Clear Cabinet Liner

This technically doesn’t count as organizing but it’s one of our favorite additions to cabinets. Using a clear, plastic liner on the base of cabinet shelves protects the shelves from scratches and liquids. The cabinets we offer at Christie’s Kitchen and Bath utilize All-Plywood Construction for their boxes, which creates a more durable cabinet that stands up better to any potential spills than Furniture board boxes. However, the more we take care of our cabinets, the longer they will last. Clear plastic shelf liner allows you to enjoy the natural wood interior of your cabinets while keeping them looking new for years to come! With the water-resistant liner, you can easily clean the cabinets with a quick wipe of the surface. Along with easy clean-up, this liner has a non-adhesive bottom that holds your dishes and other kitchen objects in place. It’s time to buy a roll, cut to the size of your cabinets and place under your dishes. Your future self will thank you for cutting back on cleaning time and protecting your cabinets!

2. Drawer Organizer


With Christie’s Kitchen and Bath, there are so many organizational and storage options available that can be customized to fit your kitchen needs. With options such as drawer inserts specifically for spice organization and cutlery dividers, any drawer can be customized when designing your dream kitchen.

For a more immediate fix to organize right now, there are drawer organizers available. If you’re like me, you have a catch-all drawer for serving utensils, chip clips, etc. For a simple fix to organize your drawer of random objects, we suggest a bamboo drawer divider. This drawer divider can be used for cutlery or just different kitchen objects you never had a home for before. Find what you’re looking for immediately when you open the drawer. There are different sizing options available online.

3. Kitchen Bins

The secret to keeping your fridge organized? Clear, plastic bins. Utilize every part of your fridge by placing any loose fruits and vegetables, soda cans, etc. in these bins. The bins will not only keep your fridge organized, but they will also prevent any leaks. Keep your food items organized and easily accessible with these bins.

4. Pan & Sheet Organizer

tray rack in white cabinets   

When designing your kitchen, there are so many options available to make the most out of your space and organizational needs. There are a variety of cabinet options that we can work with you to customize. You can even have a tray rack placed in a base cabinet for fast access to your baking sheets. This narrow cabinet doesn’t take up a lot of space but saves a ton of frustration of trying to find what you need when you need it.

For an organization solution right now, try a Kitchen Cabinet Pan/Tray organizer. This simple tray rack is an immediate solution to keep your pans and cookie sheets organized. Place the rack horizontally for cookie sheets or vertically to keep pans inline. This rack allows for a simple solution to find what you’re looking for while keeping the pans and baking sheets from sitting on top of each other and scratching the surfaces.

5. Storage Canisters

glass storage canisters

Storage canisters are key to organizing your kitchen. Canisters provide a reusable way to keep food fresh. Canisters can be used for items used frequently such as flour, coffee beans and sugar. They can be placed on the counter or in the pantry. There are so many designs available that they can even add charm to your kitchen. No need to store different bags and boxes of everyday items on the counter or hidden in the pantry. These canisters are perfect for providing a more cohesive, organized look while keeping essentials right on the counter!

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